Last Year’s Predictions

My prognostications for last year were sparse, but oddly enough, fairly accurate. A review:

I predicted the “Arab Spring” would fail. With the brutal civil war in Syria continuing, the mess in Egypt, and the continuing Arab-Israeli conflict, it indeed seems to have sprung. I mention the Benghazi blunder only to highlight the naivety of our own foreign policy.

The Euro is still alive, although I never said it would go away, only that I would not be surprised if it did. Its health really has not improved.

The international “War on Drugs”? Well the beat goes on.

Did pretty well here. I predicted Romney would be the GOP nominee and the election would be close; the House stayed Republican; and the Senate would be closely divided. The latter turned out to be not as close as I would have thought, or wished, thanks to the foot-in-mouth disease afflicting two GOP candidates.

The unemployment rate actually improved enough for the President to make a credible claim that the economic corner had been turned.

State & Local
The Texas Rangers made it as far as the wild card game. I was far off on my World Series win prediction. But it was not the end of the world, even with Josh Hamilton’s departure.

The drought did break, but we still have a rain deficit in the state.

It was not part of my forecast, but I entered the photo posted last January 1st in the State Fair contest and received an honorable mention ribbon. The Advocate, a monthly neighborhood magazine, published a nice write-up on my photography avocation, such as it is.

I hesitate to predict much for the coming year. The Iranian nuclear weapons issue will reach crisis proportions. Russia will not be our friend and will continue to prop up Syria’s Assad. Europe will continue to have economic problems, and the Euro may yet go away.

Gridlock will continue in Washington, which is not altogether a bad thing. There will be no groundbreaking legislation nationally, but more states will enact “right to work” laws.

The Supreme Court will rule on the Constitutional issues regarding gay marriage probably a 5-4 decision. The Court may toss Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.
Our local and state economy will continue to be good.

Big Tex will rise again, pretty much looking like he always has. I will enter another photo in the State Fair contest, perhaps get a 2nd or 3rd place ribbon this year.

Beyond these predictions, I haven’t a clue.

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