Protecting fools, drunkards, and ….

Permit me to gloat, and perhaps mix my metaphors a bit.

In 2008 the personality of Barack Obama seduced the electorate. Maybe there was good reason at the time. The Bush years were those of endless war and economic distress; the candidacy of John McCain was lackluster.

Then came an exciting new candidate. One, who Caroline Kennedy described as a man who would be a President “just like my father” the martyred hero of mythical Camelot.

Well, he wasn’t – on any level. We had a pretty package. A fine looking bottle containing, not a great new vintage, but, as it turned out, swill. The content, however, was intoxicating enough to induce euphoria, but also that would leave a terrible hangover lasting six years. Maybe a dose of vitamin “R” will diminish the throbbing. Anyway, the binge is over. For awhile, anyway, the Ship of State will not founder. We endured.

It is thus apropos to consider the observation made by Otto von Bismarck, one validated so many time since this nation’s inception, “there is a special Providence that protects fool, drunkards, and the United States of America.”


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