Icy Travels to the Undiscovered Country

From whose bourne no traveler returns (except possibly one a couple of millennia ago).

Professor Gerry Beyer of the Texas Tech Law School edits a quarterly report of cases pertaining  to Real estate, probate, and trust law. He often come up with some — shall we say, strange — stories.

These two reminded me of a related one from one of my past lives.

Freeze Drying Is Not Just for Coffee Anymore You may remember the old Folgers coffee commercials where viewers heard a voice-over by Bryan Clark as he explained that they have secretly switched the coffee used at the restaurant with Folgers crystals and then caught the surprised patrons declaring that they could not tell the instant coffee from the real thing. Well, now the same process is being touted as a green body disposition method through a process called promession. The decedent’s body is frozen with liquid nitrogen and then vibrated into particles. These particles may then be used as fertilizer or as food for fish and birds. Add a little emerald dye and guess what you might get—Solyent Green! A bill may be drafted to allowing promession in Kansas as the state’s definition of cremation does not mandate the use of fire. See Edmund DeMarche, Kansas Considers ‘Greener’ New Way to Bury Its Dead, FOXNEWS (Dec. 2, 2019).

And Freezers Are Not Just for Food After Jeanne Sourone-Mathers died, they found her husband, Paul, in her freezer where he had taken up residence for over ten years after dying from what authorities think was a terminal illness. Included with Paul’s body was a letter that Paul signed and had notarized in 2008 stating that Jeanne did not kill him. No one reports seeing Paul alive since February 2009. The notary denies having any knowledge of the contents of Paul’s letter. It appears that Jeanne wanted to continue to receive Paul’s Social Security and veteran’s benefits after he died, and putting Paul on ice was a way of doing so to the tune of almost $200,000. To keep people from wondering why Paul was not around, Jeanne told people that her husband had left her. Clever plan, but definitely illegal! See Travis Fedschun, Utah Man Was in Freezer 10 Years before Discovery, Left Notarized Letter Behind, Police Say, FOXNEWS (Dec. 17, 2019).

And my story. When this blogger was a Dallas Police Officer in the 1970s, we received a call to an office/warehouse in the Brookhollow industrial district. it seems that the proprietor had divorced his wife — in what might have been his culture’s style — and put her body into a lateral freezer there. Gave a whole new meaning to “stiff” and “coffin freezer” — You can’t make up this stuff.  Don’t know the outcome of the case.


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