The Senate passing the “Food Safety” bill and FEMA nonsense.

I am all for food safety, but the primary effect of the latest Congressional attempt to disprove King Canute is another layer of bureaucratic nonsense that will make food more expensive, and put more Americans out of work, except, of course, for federal employees, who are already the highest paid non-productive drones in the world. This so called food safety act is a typical over-reaction to isolated incidents. When the left-wing realize that a perfect world is unattainable, and probably not much fun? Never, of course.

Here in Dallas, the Trinity River, which normally has the width and depth of a creek, has been confined by levees through the central city since the 1930s. Prior to their being built, floods periodically inundated the downtown area – a result of spring rains upriver. Since, however, the worst river crests never made it more than halfway up the levees, and there has been no under-seepage. New FEMA regulation, however, are requiring the city/state to upgrade the levee, or will designate the areas proximate as a flood plain and require homes and businesses there to carry expensive flood insurance. The area is populated by small businesses and modest homes that such requirements could have a financially devastating impact on. Either way, more money will be spent in another Quixotic scheme to attain a risk-free society.

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