Can a Happy Marriage be Gay?

The current social issue du jour is gay marriage.  It shouldn’t be.  Here is a discussion with John Stossel,
Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage and David Harsanyi, libertarian columnist at The Blaze. Link here:

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2 replies on “Can a Happy Marriage be Gay?”

I love that the Right is still all over this issue (hey, it worked in 2004, right?) even though the vast majority of Americans simply don't care. The most fascinating gay-related revelation of late is the acknowledgement that it's not a choice anymore, but a sickness that can be prayed away through bachmann's “rehab centers”. And those stats around rising rates of divorce and other atrocities related to gay marriage? jeez….

I am not sure whether the “gay marriage card” was determinative in 2004. My impression was that sufficient numbers of voters could not stomach John Kerry as President.

The problem with elections is that most voters follow their viscera. Gotta fire up that bunch, who almost by definition are far-right or far-left.

When I ran for judge in 2006, I was asked three questions on numerous occasions: (1) What church do I attend? (2) What was my stand on gay marriage? (3) What was my stand on abortion? None of these had anything to do with the office I was running for, but I saw no harm in telling what church I went to, as anything to the right of Wiccan (except Muslim) would have been OK. As for of the others, as a civil court judge, I could not see those issue coming up, but if perchance they did, I would carefully research the law and apply it to the facts before me – regardless how I personnally felt.

I lost the election.

Stossel's parting comment says it all.

“And I definitely don't want the state to decide what is good and beautiful.”

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