Mr. Buffett’s Penance

The leftist pundit E. J. Dionnesays that analysis and criticism of Warren Buffett’s expressed belief that the rich should pay more taxes amounts to “hate” for being a “traitor to his class.”  Of course, that is nonsense. 

Personally, I cannot imagine what is Mr. Buffett’s motivation for injecting himself into this “tax the rich” nonsense. Perhaps, because he is up there in years, he his afraid that he will soon meet his maker and wants to atone for the sin – if that is what he believes it is – of doing well in the market place. Given Mr. Buffett’s track record, I would much rather have him invest his money rather than have give it to the government to squander as it typically does. Buffett, whether he realizes it or not, has benefitted countless more people with his financial acumen rather than the government ever has in its domestic spending.


Bob Reagan

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