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A journey to Europe and the consequent backlog of work upon my return, resulted in this being my first post since October 15. I kept notes on the events and had a laptop and access to the internet during my travels, but decided not to post until I had some time to reflect. All in all, it was a great trip. Flights were uneventful, accommodations comfortable, and weather was good.

We left DFW the evening of October 16 and arrived at Charles De Gaulle Airport outside Paris the next morning. The airport, as well as the main train stations in Paris, are all reminiscent of the bar scene in Star Wars, but somewhat friendlier. No Wookies, but some of those present were close. There is a direct, express train from CDG to central Paris that is the best way to get there I’ve found. It takes about 40 minutes and passes by Le Bourget Airport, famous for the site of Charles Lindbergh’s landing in 1927. It now is used only for general aviation and air shows, but houses the French Air and Space Museum. Cannot see much from the train.

My brother Steve and belle-soeur Leslie are sojourning in Paris for a year and have a decent flat on the left bank amid numerous foreign embassies and near the French equivalent of our State Department

After dinner at a sidewalk café, I had my first taste of bicycle riding on Paris streets. There are rental  racks throughout the city where anyone can procure a bike.  To access, you purchase an electronic access card and put a deposit of €150 (about $200 at current exchange rates) which you get back if you return the bike. There’s no extra cost for the first ½ hour, but charges start accruing beyond that. Works just fine; the only hitch is if the rack near where you are going is full, which can occur. The ride was early evening after dark, so we managed to see the Eiffel Tower fully illuminated.

I took a photo.

More to come.

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