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Democratic Party stalwarts Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen, in an op-ed piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, call for President Obama to step down in favor of Hillary Clinton next year. The Carter and Clinton pollsters and advisors cited the example of Presidents Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson, who both concluded that winning another term could only done at the cost of dividing the nation so deeply that it would be ungovernable. Whether that was those former Presidents’ main motivation is perhaps conjecture, but there is no doubt that Mr. Obama has succeeded in making the principal issue for next year’s campaign whether he or President Bush (and Bush’s party) is the most responsible for an economic mess. He did this by violating a cardinal rule of ordinary etiquette: You dance with the one who brings you. The plain, homespun, and independent voter (turned off by George W. Bush and not especially attracted to McCain-Palin), put him in the White House where he danced with the seductive, slinky left-wingers. He continued to do so in the face of a clear, unmistakable message (brought by the election of Scott Brown, et al) that most Americans were adamantly opposed the left’s pet project which became Obamacare. Unless, as Caddell and Schoen put it, the President’s campaign is truly scorched earth, he will not be going home with the independents. I resist using another metaphor that describes what they have had enough of. For the WSJ essay see link.

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