Modified Justice

For the past several decades our sensibilities have been assaulted with cries of numerous kinds of “justice” mostly, but not entirely, from the left wing.  We have heard “economic justice”, “racial justice”, “gender justice” (which I would suppose refers to grammatical constructions), and, the ubiquitous “social justice.”  Now at the United Nations meeting in Durban, South Africa, there are demonstrations for “climate justice.”  I have never seen, or found a way to use, any of those terms in a coherent sentence without enclosing them in quotes, as above. Anytime one uses an adjective — a modifier — the word is limited in some manner.  Either justice is just for all involved in the event or transaction, or it does not exist at all.  All of these modified forms of “justice” ultimately involve favoring members of one artificial group over one or more members of another, and disregard “individual justice”, which is also invalid because it is redundant, unlike the oxymoronic others.

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