Serfdom Redux

As a result of the decennial 2010 census, the Republican controlled Texas Legislature drew new Congressional and State House and Senate districts. The Democrats objected, ostensibly because of racial discrimination – assuming that means discrimination against Democrats. A three judge federal court in San Antonio drew new district lines, supposedly “fairer” to Democrats – oops, they meant “minorities.” The Supreme Court stayed the lower court’s redistricting order and will hear arguments January 9, 2012.

Meanwhile, the redrawing and challenge left many candidates uncertain of what legislative or Congressional district they were in and eligible to run for. The primary elections were originally scheduled for March. In order to keep the original primary on schedule, but give time for the candidates in limbo find out where they stand and organize a campaign, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott suggested that the state hold two primaries: one for the Presidential candidates and local and statewide offices; the other for Congress and the Legislature. An attorney for one civil rights group protested saying, “when you have an unusual election day, minority voters are less likely to turn out.” See the story here. Assuming that she took minority to mean folks with darker complexions or whose, or the first language of their proximate or remote ancestors, was something other than English, isn’t that terribly insulting? Isn’t that saying that those persons are too stupid, too lazy, or too uninterested to find out when election day is? 

Of course, the condescending attitudes of the American left-wingers know no racial or ethnic boundaries. The so-called progressives are the ones who really want a return of the plantation economy and serfdom, a nicer word for slavery. They just know better than to call it that.

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I'll take the Republicans, libertarians, greens and others to task when appropriate. At the moment, the Democratic Party is the worst offender against individual liberty. Politicians of both parties have trespassed in that regard over the years.

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