Joe the Plumber: Who Would Have Thought?

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher captured the Republican nomination for Ohio’s ninth congressional district in yesterday’s primary. During the 2008 campaign Wurzelbacher famously sparred with then candidate Barack Obama over how the now President’s administration would affect small businesses, and took exception to the “spread the wealth” philosophy of Mr. Obama. In the same district, longtime Representative Dennis Kucinich lost to Representative Marcy Kaptur in the Democratic primary. The 2010 Census caused Ohio to lose Congressional seats and the Republican controlled legislature drew a district along Lake Erie from Cleveland to Toledo which forced to two incumbent Democrats to run against each other.
Kucinich has been an outlier and, many would say an oddball. In my more whimsical moments, I have been known to excuse my eccentricities by saying what do you expect from some who was born in the same Congressional District that Dennis Kucinich represents. Well, now there is a possibility that one who comes closer to being my soul mate will be the new Congressman there. I say possibility because Joe the Plumber is not favored, as the district was doubtless drawn to concentrate Democrats and remove them from GOP leaning districts. But that’s politics. Anyway, Wurzelbacher’s nomination shows how fifteen minutes of fame can propel one onto the national stage. Can’t vote for him – unless I move back to my native state and county. Probably not. Naturalized Texan I am and will remain. But I’ll be rooting for him, and maybe even send a donation. Good luck, Joe.
Joe the Plumber with Herman Cain

3 comments on “Joe the Plumber: Who Would Have Thought?

  1. DavidP says:

    an unlicensed plumber whose claim to fame is a 30 second sound bite ranting about something he knows nothing about. This is the new face of the republican party? I'll take it!
    I wonder if he even realizes his taxes have been lowered since Obama took office – probably not (sigh)


  2. Bob Reagan says:

    David, your hip-shots seem more like the expected comments of an ancien regime French aristocrat. Watch your head. The hubris of our (supposedly) well educated set will not serve well when we disdain those who appear to work only with with their hands. I remember the following.

    Plumber: Your faucet is all fixed, here's my bill.
    Lawyer: Good God. That's outrageous. I'm a lawyer and I can't get away with charging that much for my time.
    Plumber: Neither could I, back when I was a lawyer.

    In my occupational and other travels, I've met more tradesmen than lawyers and computer geeks that I admire and would want to have make the laws I have to live under.

    The Democratic Party claims to be the face of the workers and producers, but it is really the face of the paper pushers and trust fund babies who turn their nose up at real working people. The left-wingers have the same regard for the Wurzelbacher, as V. I. Lenin, that is, useful idiots. Lefties are always surprised and contemptuous when it turns out to be otherwise.



  3. DavidP says:

    Can we both agree that Kucinich has no business with a wife that beautiful?


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