Coffee Drinkers Unite! We Have Nothing to Lose Except Our Grounds

Allysia Finley writes in Monday’s Wall Street Journal:
“Studies show that coffee can ward off depression, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes and sleepiness—which makes it one of the most powerful preventive treatments. Workers who drink java are also more productive and pleasant. While many offices have coffee makers, some employers—most notably those affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—continue to deny workers this essential benefit. All employers should have to provide workers with freshly brewed coffee. Oh, and workers must also be able to choose the kind of coffee regardless of the price.
“Republicans might argue that requiring Mormon charities to serve coffee is a violation of “religious liberty” since the Mormon church’s doctrine proscribes coffee, but this argument is a red herring. Leading medical experts recommend drinking coffee. Moreover, 99% of adults have drunk coffee at one point in their lives (including most Mormons).”
As a veteran coffee drinker, which I do mainly for my physical and mental health (you can believe that if you want to), I am all in favor of Ms. Finley’s proposed requirement that Obamcare mandate every employer to provide coffee to its employees. Heck, I already do. No matter those whose religions forbid coffee on moral grounds. What about Paul’s admonition to take a little wine for thy stomach’s sake?   That has been validted by recent medical research. There is no excuse for omission of these important benefits.

Her complete essay where she take aim at other unconscionable omissions is here .   

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