Plaid Pants

Virginia M. Rometty, the new CEO of IBM, will attend this week’s Masters golf tournament, but it’s not clear if she will be wearing the green jacket of an Augusta National member. No women are members of the exclusive country club, and there has been a lot of criticism of that from many quarters, including, I understand, the White House.

A similar dustup came and went a few years ago. 

Well, except for a week in April every year, when the azaleas and other foliage are at their most beautiful and many of the best golfers in the world play there, the club is populated mostly by pot-bellied geezers wearing plaid pants. Who wants to hang out with that bunch, and listen to their moaning about prostate problems?

Or as Groucho Marx is reported to have said, he wouldn’t join a club that would have him as a member.

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