A new Endeavour

Well, I have to admit, I watched the first three episodes of the reincarnated Dallas series. The first incarnation lasted from 1978 to around 1990. I don’t remember the exact year it discontinued mainly because I never became an avid fan. Watched when just curious enough or happened to be around others who were watching at the time. I do recall seeing an language-dubbed episode at a hotel in Vienna – J.R. speaking in German sounded rather intimidating. The new version is really just a continuation of the old: double and triple crossing, back-stabbing, and other over-the-top antics, and by some of the same characters, no less. May watch a few more airings; may not. I already missed the fourth.

One of my favorite television serial features was the 33 episode Inspector Morse series. I have most of the DVDs, and have watched some several times. When John Thaw, the actor who played the main character, died it was almost the end of an era.

In 2006, the series Lewis was spun off with Kevin Whatley who played Morse’s sidekick in the title role. So far it has been of similar quality, except for the enigmatic character Thaw was able to make Morse.

Now, the creators have brought back a younger version of the protagonist Morse in a new series named Endeavour, set in the 1960s. Only the pilot has aired so far, but it is promising. Anyone who watched any of the Morse episodes know that the detective was an opera fan. In one story, Morse mentioned without explanation that he didn’t care much for Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. The pilot of Endeavour sort of explains why.

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