A doggy-dog world

Retired professor James E. Courter writes about the disconnect between spoken and written English nowadays. In “Teaching ‘Taco Bell’s Canon'” in today’s Wall Street Journal, Courter provides some highly amusing examples, from writings he has received. One student “blamed ‘inclimate weather’ for his failure to come to class, admitting that it was a ‘poultry excuse.’ A male student who habitually came late and couldn’t punctuate correctly had a double-duty excuse: ‘I don’t worry about my punctual errors.’” As far as students’ social lives, it doesn’t get much better. “When it comes to relationships, it is, in the words of more than one undergraduate, ‘a doggy-dog world.’ But I’m sure most of us could sympathize with the girl who said she resented being ‘taken for granite’ by her boyfriend.
Perhaps we should form an Adcock committee to study all of this.

For more see this link

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