Give ’em Hell, Mitt

Washington Post columnist, with whom I frequently disagree, but am willing to give him his due when he is right, wrote on Mitt Romney’s observation concerning Arab-Muslim culture while visiting Israel.

“The cultural difference between Israel and its Arab neighbors is so striking that you would think it beyond question. But when Mitt Romney attributed the gap between Israel’s economic performance and the Palestinians’ — “Culture makes all the difference,” he said in Israel — the roof came down on him. PC police the world over raised a red card, giving him demerits for having the temerity to notice the obvious. Predictably, Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian negotiator and a member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, denounced the statement as “racist.” It was, of course, just the opposite.”

See Cohen’s complete article at this link.

Cohen modified his stance somewhat by writing that Romney probably should not have been so blunt.  But why not,  “Give ’em Hell Harry” Truman, a Democrat, was praised for his plain speaking, mostly post his tenure, admittedly.  Maybe we need more of the same.

What happened to “Tell it like it is”?

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