And wants us to be happy

Ben Franklin is said to have observed that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Samuel Adams was a brewer when he wasn’t agitating for independence

Nowadays, there seems to be some correlation between one’s political bent and beer brands.

According to the National Journal, if you like Samuel Adams beer, you are most likely a Republican, and you vote. Drink Heineken? you are a Democrat, but don’t turn out at the polls much. Bud Light and Miller High Life don’t have much of a political slant, and do not turn out much. Budweiser drinkers skew toward the Dems, but again are not reliable voters. Those who imbibe Molson turnout heavily for the Dems. Dos Equis drinkers are decidedly non-partisan, though its principal ad spokesman The Most Interesting Man in the World (Jonathan Goldsmith) is a staunch Obama fan.

Here’s a chart that shows more data.

None of the above is my regular brew, but, as you probably guessed, my second choice is Samuel Adams, Boston Ale, if you’ve got it. That, and Cape Cod potato chips, are two of the reason we should keep the MSSR.


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