Not to Worry, I Shall Return

Awhile back I planned a vacation out of the country that, as it happened, starts today. Later, I noticed that it was the day after the election, and jokingly remarked that I hoped our departure was going to be reminiscent of Russian emigres fleeing the Bolsheviks in 1917.  In this morning’s the newspaper, the “This Day in History” section noted that this is the 95th Anniversary of Lenin’s takeover of the Russian government. An omen?

Assuredly, no. At least not for a good while, if ever. Going back to a Russian allusion, the real winners may me the crony capitalists like the Wall Street Big Banks, and perhaps insurance companies, though the latter is not so clear, will do all right. They are the Viktor Komarovskys, the character in the novel Doctor Zhivago (who wasn’t quite the one-dimensional villain Rod Steiger played in the movie, but nevertheless totally pragmatic) – chameleon enough to survive and even thrive under any regime.

Well, eleven months ago I said it would be close. I had just hoped it would fall the other way. The consolation prize is that the House of Representatives stays in control of the good guys, and there will be no more egregious legislation for at least two years. The President will have to deal with the Republicans. If things go off a fiscal cliff, ultimately he will be blamed.

More later, the plane is about to take off.


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