Bathroom Humor

The November 24, 2012 issue of The Economist relates that World Toilet Day was on November 19, and relates that “just as Christian saints have their days, so do causes. Over 100 are in the grand this category: UN “observance” days…” The Toilet Day observance is to mark the plight of the world’s 2.5 billion people who do not have a toilet. The slogan, not surprisingly, is “I give a ship, do you?” Oops, the voice recognition program didn’t recognize – you know what I meant.

The same vein, an old friend related to me that he once saw where a householder in a small English town had an extra room he wished to rent to a boarder. The would be landlord put out a sign “To let” as is common parlance in the old country. Some wag put an “i” between the two words, and numerous passersby knocked to ask to use the facilities.

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