Silly season

Silly season is upon us.

First of that Notre Dame football team linebacker whatsisname’s imaginary girlfriend hoax is all over the news for weeks. Don’t know any more about it. Don’t care, and wonder why anyone does. National Inquirer type hype. Pure idiocy.

Next, pop singer Beyonce lip-syncing her own recording singing the national anthem at the President’s inauguration seems to have highly offended some. It was her own voice. She did it so as not risk a flaw or other happening. Perfectly reasonable. Sounded OK to me. Again, who cares?? Obviously, many from the idiocracy.

Super Bowl ads. Exhibit 1: A supermodel smooching with a nerd has media in a tizzy. Only thing I can say is good grief! Exhibit 2: Coca-Cola ads featuring Arabs in desert drag is offensive? C’mon lets lighten up. Watch the video on YouTube of Ray Stevens’ singing Ahab the Arab.

Gun hysteria is overtaking both sides of the debate. Look, you so-called Progressives, a certain subset of the population is insane. It’s an infinitesimally small percentage, but among 300,000,000 people, there are quite a few in absolute numbers. Can’t ban all guns. Background check? Sounds good, but most of those up to no good will buy in a back alley deal or steal a gun.

Climate change causes gun-violence in Chicago, according to Christie Hefner, Hugh’s daughter. And the full moon causes werewolves to come out too. This is another non-fixable problem to the extent it exists.

More later.

2 comments on “Silly season

  1. Gary Brown says:

    There are members of the idiocracy on both sides. A little level-headed thinking, plus some facts, would help us all.


  2. Bob Reagan says:

    You'll get no argument from me, Gary.


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