The Supers’ Week


This coming week there will be three Supreme Court cases decided: Issues are gay marriage, affirmative action, and voting rights act application. Perhaps as early as tomorrow.


I cannot predict how any of them will go; each is an extremely close call, otherwise it wouldn’t be before the Court.


I will predict, however, that at the end of the term either Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer will announce retirement. This is based on the perception that this year is the last time President Obama may have the ability to obtain confirmation of a justice that has judicial and political ideologies similar to those of these incumbents. Next year is an election year and the Senate Republicans will “Bork” any such nominee. If the GOP takes the Senate then, same thing for the est of the term. Anthony Kennedy could retire this year, but I don’t believe he will. If he does, there will be the equivalent of nuclear war in Washington.


I would welcome any thoughts readers might have.

By bobreagan13

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