Not Going to Happen

I hope our economic well being and standard of living, as well as individual freedom, is not going to be compromised by the global warming doomsayers.

For the record, I believe that the earth’s climate has changed; some of the change may have been caused by human activity; it might, though there is nothing outside of pure speculation that says it will, continue to get hotter.

As for human activity, most of the present activity that contributes to the alleged greenhouse gases occurs outside the United States – read China and India. Are those nations going to curtail their industrial activity? Not a chance.

I have heard of some efforts to develop processes to extract CO2 from the atmosphere on a massive scale. Assuming that the science is correct that gas stays in the atmosphere for decades, such a solution might be the only way to reduce CO2 if that is found to be necessary. For more, see this feature from NPR

We are not, in any event, going to move back into caves and adopt a pre-industrial standard of living. Not going to happen.

As for the alleged consensus of climate scientists, Matt Ridley has some interesting observations.

See Matt Ridley’s column

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