Cat Fight?

I don’t know whether it’s my libertarian nature or what, but I have always preferred cats to dogs as pets. Or is that “animal companions” to the politically correct. Our cats prefer “your highness” or a similar appellation.

His Royal Highness Prince Andy

Don’t get my wrong, I don’t dislike dogs, as a matter of fact, I am rather fond of some – other people’s, that is. Cats can be standoffish, they can be unpredictable, but that I part of their charm. Cats can take care of themselves for the most part; dogs cannot. I suppose having a cat is like having a teenager, while having a dog is like having a toddler. Yes, they can sometimes be perplexing and inattentive to your wishes, but you can go out at night, or even stay away for a day or two without hiring a babysitter. Can’t do that with a dog.

I also don’t buy that cats are women’s pets while dogs are real men’s pets. I’ve known many a guy, other than me, who loved cats, and a number of women who didn’t. Choice of pets, at least between canines and felines, is not sex specific.

For more on this latter controversy, please see Peter Mandel’s article in today’s WSJ here.


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