Are you kidding me?

Abolish/defund the police? The following observation by one who has observed and commented on the police for 50 years.

“The traffic on Revolutión [street in Tijuana, Mexico] was nearly bumper-locked. Young Americans hanging out of car windows were whistling, clapping, yelling, thumping on car doors, flipping the bird at pedestrians, cutting off cars, mooning any female older than 12, and spewing the contents of their stomachs onto the streets of a country they considered third-rate and Third World. In short, it was a scene that might be replayed in just about any U.S. city if the police were underpaid, underfunded, undermanned, undermined, and as desperately corrupt as the police of Tijuana.” — Joseph Wambaugh, Finnegan’s Week (1992).

Of course, uninhibited carousing, fueled by alcohol and other chemicals, nearly always results in violence to persons and property, often bystanders.

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