Dallas in Super Bowl?

It’s been over a quarter of a century since the Dallas Cowboys were in the Super Bowl — or even in an NFC Championship game. Why? Well, I’ll leave that to real sports fans and pundits, of which I am not.

Dallas, however, has a presence in this year’s Super Bowl LVII (57). The Kansas City Chiefs are in and may well win. Many of us will remember the Chiefs all too short sojourn here in 1960 – 1962 as the Dallas Texans in the fledgling American Football League (now the American Conference of the National Football League. Lamar Hunt, son of the legendary oilman H. L. Hunt, frustrated in efforts to land an NFL franchise for his city, helped start a rival league and formed his own team, the Texans. The NFL, at that time consisting of only 12 teams (most of which were in the Northeast), awakened and saw the expansion potential. Hunt’s rival oil baron Clint Murchison Jr obtained an expansion franchise for his Dallas Cowboys.

Although the Texans won the AFC championship in 1962, Hunt saw writing on the wall. At the time, Dallas’ fanbase could not support two professional football teams. One had to go. The Cowboys, though the team did not win a single game in its first season, was in the older, established league, and had outstripped the Texans for attendance. Hunt moved the team to Kansas City where he faced no rival for fans. Since the moniker “Texans” would have been absurd there, the team became the Chiefs.

Lanar Hunt died in 2006. But his family, most of whom live in Dallas, still owns the Chiefs, and his son Clark is the team’s Chief Executive Officer.

In a way, Dallas is in the Super Bowl this year.

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