Different Planets – Mongo, perhaps?

The Dallas Morning News reports today that Texas state Rep. Marc Veasey, who is running for Congress in the Democratic primary for the 33rd District, blasted rival Domingo Garcia on Wednesday for remarks about the automobile manufacturer and other large, longtime employers in Tarrant County, including American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, and General Motors (all unionized employers, by the way, a rarity in Texas).

“I support GM jobs and workers, I oppose the corporate bosses that make gas guzzlers Americans don’t want to buy and that cannot compete in the world marketplace,” [Garcia says],. “People like Mitt Romney and Marc Veasey think the corporations are people, too.” says Garcia.

Oh really? Maybe the Arlington plant should be making the super-successful Volt that so many Americans want to buy. Corporations are persons by law, or did Garcia sleep through that class in law school? Corporations are owned by millions of people who depend on publicly held corporations’ profitability for their livelihood and their retirement. What planet is this guy from? Surely not Mars or Venus.  Mongo, perhaps?

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