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The ever increasing number of obese people, especially young ones and those at the lower end of the wealth spectrum, has the left wing grousing about how expensive it is to obtain healthy food.
I frequently shop for food in supermarkets, including the Whole Foods and Central Market chains, and have not found that to be true, except perhaps on a per calorie basis for beef and high on the hog pork cuts, which most of us eat too much of anyway. Here are some articles that point to less anecdotal evidence that healthy food costs no more than high fat and sugared fast food. A lot of fresh food does take some time to prepare, but it’s just a guess, but I suspect no more than the time waiting in the doctor’s office for treatment of Type 2 diabetes and other consequences of poor diet.
On the other hand, I recall the explanation of an immigrant from Sri Lanka, or some such place, as to why he came to America: “I want to live in a country where poor people can be fat.”

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Isn't the issue as much a matter of availability as cost? Many, many people here in Chicago do not have access to a “regular” supermarket, much less Whole Foods; these are the so-called food deserts. Perhaps it's only a problem in big cities, but it is a problem.

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